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utterly brilliant
— Theatre Bubble
Alpha Delta 86

Alpha Delta 86

Ottawa Fringe Festival, Canada 

Studio Léonard-Beaulne 47

17th June @ 21:30
18 June @ 23:00
20th June @ 17:30
22nd Jue @ 21:30
25th June @ 19:30
26 June @ 17:00


Alpha Delta 86 is exceedingly fun from start to finish. It will have you immersed in the hilarious world of spy-clowns (to be seen to be believed) and captivated by the hysterical yet loveable characters created by the two talented performers.


In an utterly hilarious moment of dark comedy they end up searching for dissidents in amongst the audience. They took an unsuspecting participant and brought him on stage  and ‘listened’ to him wth a radio device. I am not sure what they were searching for, but either way he was found to be guilty of love and was sentenced to quarantine.


It is a joy to watch. These two young clowns have a wonderful rapport both with each other and with their audience, feeding off the energy in the room and improvising with what happens. The joy Kiva Murphy and  Filipa Mendes have performing together is evident – this is truly a show not to be missed.