Alpha Delta 86

2 spies.. clown Spies

Alpha Delta 86 is set in a dystopian office in an undisclosed location in the not so distant future.

We follow the story of two clownesque spies who covertly listen to international phone calls, discover incriminated citizens and sentence them accordingly.

These two very different women work together in an Alpha Delta (amorous detection) office, they have been entrusted with the responsibility of finding loved up miscreants in the vicinity and sending them for quarantine. Unfortunately, they are more interested in eating biscuits than finding culprits.

A comic, Lecoq style, physical theatre show including audience participation, use of a typewriter as musical accompaniment and biscuit eating spies.

watch the trailer here

totally absurd and strange, but I loved it
— Rai theatre, Barcelona
a massive success!
— C.C Joan Oliver

Hello Telephones

One table, two women, and three telephones.

Hello Telephones follows the story of two secretaries...clown secretaries working in a telephones exchange office in the 50s

Working in communications can be difficult, and these two women take their job very seriously.  They do not trust the system and therefore decided to sing the 'hold' music for each customer. 

As the pressure increases, so does their inherent rivalry and they compete to out sing one another.  Absurdity begins to take over and in the fantastical world that they have created nothing is more important than answering every telephone instantly.

Just imagine what could happen if they miss a call. 

A Monty Python-esque, Lecoq style clown show, Barcelona based Can ducks Fly bring the pressure of answering phone calls to a whole new level. 

(perhaps there will be two tables) 

It’s just...brilliant
— Chapito, Lisbon, Portugal

watch the Trailer here

The Misdemeanours of Saccharine

Join us for an inconceivable, international, imaginary journey inspired by (a thesaurus) and the likes of Monsieurs Grimm Dahl and the Cautionary tales of Hilarie Belloc. Belloc’s cautionary tales were written in 1907 as a way to teach children how to behave. Can Ducks Fly have now taken these stories and brought them up to date with a mixture of humour, physical comedy, puppetry and object manipulation. An unforgettable, cautionary tale for the wide and tall, for the big and small, for the good and, the bad within you all.

Everybody has hidden, dark thoughts and Lecoq trained Benefit of the Doubt Theatre promises a raucous trip and a turkey pie to shake you inner morals out.

The show was performed in Mimetic Festival, London in 2014 to high acclaim.

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